Hezekiah Health Foundation. started in 2012 as a Medical Team in Christian Teachers Foundation International (CTFI) and later become the Community Health Outreach Department later that year. The quest to reach more, do more and make mark in Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (MNCH) won CTFI the position of accredited NHIS Technical Facilitator for Community Health Insurance in 2014
It is at this point that BoTs resolved at a general meeting to further develop its community Health Department to a full fledge Foundation to address ever growing need to source resources towards an effective and efficient healthcare delivery at the grassroots. This was adopted at the Central Working Committee (CWC) in August 2015. Hence, (Hezekiah Health Foundation) was born.

Hezekiah Health Foundation envisions being foremost at creating access to quality healthcare and prevention services while raising resources for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. MNCH

Hezekiah Health Foundation seeks to mobilize and empower our communities to promote communal effort towards strengthening healthcare system in support of Universal Health Coverage, UHC in Nigeria and Africa subregion.

To form and sustain mutuals and partnership that will in turn empower stakeholders to dialogue, network, advocate, and participate in process that will help them take advantage of the ever increasing spectrum of opportunities’ to provide quality health care to our poor communities.

HHF partners with other FBOs to bring the love of God to hurting and the sick. Training of staff to be disciplers while discharging their services is a focus in raising workforce for basic health delivery services.

National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS; HHF provide consultancy service to this Government Agency as Technical Facilitator, for Community-Based Social Health Insurance Scheme, CBSHIS.

Association Of Technical Facilitators For Community Health Insurance in Nigeria, AFFCHIN
HHF as Member and Its Director, Pst. Hezekiah J. Abah, a BoTs member and General Secretary.

Christian Connection For International Health, USA, CCIH. HHF is a member.

Communities where we work.
1. Emoriko: Emoriko Mutual Health Association, EMHA, Kogi State.
2. Orokam: Okam Forum Mutual Health Association, OFMHA, Benue State
3. Karu LGA: Karu Mutual Health Assocition, Nassarawa State
4. Agwodaba: Agwodaba Mutual Health Association, Kogi State.
5. Emakoji Mutual Health Association, Kogi State
6. Ala-Ejima Mutual Health Association, Kogi State
(All the MHAs are formed and supervised by HHF)

How HHF is governed.

HHF is govern by the Board of Trustees as Incoporated.
Board Members,
Dr. Emmanuel Abba (Family Medicine consultant, Head, Operations)
Dr. Anthony E. Adikwu (Gynecologist, MNCH Operation Manager)
Pst. Hezekiah J. Abah (Clergy/Town Planner, Community Mobilization, Ag. Ex Dir)
Mr. Atojoko U. Saba (Retired Director, Capacity Devt Expert, Board Chairman)
Mrs. Justina U. Abah. (Educationist, MNCH,& Women Discipleship and Empowerment Coordinator)

HHF Income…

– Donations
– Supported project fund from donors
– Membership fees
– Income from short term professional services and consultancy assignment undertaken by HHF
– Grants received from philanthropic donor organization such as NHIS or associations.
– Individual contribution by BoTs

HHF Major Programes.

CHAP: Community Health Adoption Project

CHAP is the adoption of an entire community on their health need, pregnant women & Children under 5 (MNCH) and indigents.
The health system strengthening is primarily the responsibility of the three tiers of government. But thousands are the Primary Health Care Centre abandoned, neglected and ill-equipped. We all have the duty to provide for our own Yes hard-to-reach, last-mile communities…our people can be cared for if you join hands by becoming HHF partner today. HHF solicit basically Drugs to the hospital and cash to keep CHEWs, Nurses and midwife at the PHC.
CHAP exists at EMAKOJI, Ogbudu and Ogene.

ICHIP: Innercity Health Intervention Project

No time did the urban poor needs health intervention like now. ICHIP is designed to be there before the next person come under critical condition. While priority is given to Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, HHF will go the extra mile to ensure that life is saved at all cost. ICHIP will go afar as securing a health insurance policy to make sure a pregnant woman or widow, Child under 5 or orphan has access to healthcare all year round. ICHIP is the hands of caring people that ensure every child, woman and indigents get health care. Nyanya in FCT, Mararaba, Ado/ New Nyanya and Masaka in Karu LGA are ICHIP designated. To partner with HHF today, donate. You are supporting universal Health Coverage.

CBSHIP: Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme.
CBSHIP is the instrument of National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) to enroll the informal sector into health insurance scheme. HHF is a technical facilitator and pride itself in mobilizing and supporting community to key into this provision thereby strengthening the health system at the grassroots. HHF is today collaborating with NHIS and community leaders, FBOs and cooperate organizations proving in Emoriko, Mararaba-Gurku, Karu and Orokam that income level no longer determines access to health care, but our spirit of solidarity do. Our CBSHIP also draw subsidy gap to care for the Pregnant women and Children under 5. It is a great platform for constituency projects and corporate services.

Water is Life Program

Water is Life focuses on access to portable and clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

Future Programe

Community Health Corps:
From the our CHAP and CBSHIP experience, HHF intends to recruit, train and equip rural base health workers/Volunteers (Nurses,CHEWs and Lab technicians) to address Primary Health Care Centers staff deficit. This army of health worker shall by God’s grace address workforce gap. Training and refreshers courses that meet up the primary health care system will greatly be addressed through this program. When CHAP, ICHIP is fully developed the blueprint of the corps will naturally envolve.
Would you like to help Hezekiah Health Foundation Provide free Healthcare for Pregnant women, orphans and Children under 5 and Medical equipment for Primary Healthcare Centers all over Nigeria and Africa, build healthy communities and transform lives? 100% of every dollar you give is used to provide medicines or medical supplies to the sick around the world. If you would like to help, you can give to any of our projects.

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