Community Health Adoption Program (CHAP)

CHAP is an intervention project. Like an abandoned helpless child or orphans can be adopted, fathered and cared for. CHAP is the adoption of an entire community on their health need, Pregnant women and Children under 5(MNCH) and indigents.

Health system strengthening is the responsibility of the government at all level. But Thousands of Primary Health Care Center are abandoned, neglected and ill-equipped.  Hezekiah Health Foundation like any NGO or faith-based can through its programmes helps communities especially Last-mile-hard-to-reach communities…. Our people can be cared for, if you join hands by becoming HHF partners today. HHF solicit basically Drugs to the hospital and cash to keep CHEWs, Nurses and Midwife at the Public Health Centers.

CHAP exist am EMAKOJI, Ogbudu Ogene & Gurku and we are looking forward to expand it all over the country and Africa.

Please Get involved… you are contributing to save thousands of expectant mothers, their children and the aged.